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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 21, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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>> good evening i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn. we begin with the breaking news in san francisco tonight. >> happening in the mission contradict where protestors have vandalize the police station there after an officer involved shooting tonight. lillian is live with the very latest on the story. lillian? >> dan this all happened within the last half hour so we are still piecing together the details. as you can see there's a heavy police presence at the mission district police statio station. we have been told a group of protestors described as black law came to the
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station and spray painted killer on the main door. black lock is a group of protestors that wear mask and the color black and of described as anarchist. they are apparently protesting the officer involved shooting that took place at 8:00 p.m. this evening on 14 and natoma street. police say officer with the gang task force opened fire on a suspected gang member after that suspected gang member pointed a gun at the officer during the foot pursuit. suspect was shot twice and is recovering from non-life threatening injuries at san francisco general hospital. now as i said the mission district police station is under heavy guard now. officers rushed over here as soon as they heard about the graffiti. we have been told those black lock protestors are marching in the mission right now. this is 7 news. >> thank you lillian. >> we follow developing story in san rafael where driver hit a wednesday before slamming into a restaurant. this happened on fourth street at the city popular thursday night farmer market and that's where
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amma is for us right now. amma? >>reporter: yes, carolyn, the chevy blazer that hit into the woman and then the restaurant behind me was removed short time ago and now they are boarding up the front. we have learned tonight that the driver of the blazer is a 55-year-old man. shortly after 5 when the blazer smashed into lunde home cooking in san rafael. restaurant was closed for the night but there was a woman on the sidewalk. >> looks like it jumped the curb and hit a pedestrians, woman walking on fourth street. pushed her through the front of the business and she was pinned inside underneath the car. >> i heard the noise like explosion. >>reporter: beeny was next door helping one of the customers at the liquor store. he ran out to see what happened. >> i see the drive of the car was inside the car and then i hear the noise coming from
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underneath the car help help. some pedestrians i think she was under the car. >>reporter: 78-year-old woman who was hit was taken to marin general with major injuries. the driver stayed to cooperate with police who tell me he's a vendor at the city thursday night farmer market. >> this part of fourth street is closed to all vehicle traffic starting at about 5 with the exception of vendor who can drive through drop-off and set up and then pull out which is apparently what he was starting to do. >>reporter: but what happened next is unclear. there was no e immediate arrest and after questioned by police the driver of the blazer returned to retrieve his belongings. i spoke to the restaurant owner tonight. he correspondent want to do an on camera interview. he tells 93 they do have insurance although he is much more concerned about this woman who was sent to the hospital. in san rafael, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> third case of chicken pox confirmed late today at san francisco state university
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prompting university health officials to provide another round of vaccinations tomorrow on campus. there's concern about people who might have immune deefficiency or who are pregnant. early this month the university put out advisory after 2 students diagnosed with the highly contagious disease. oakland police are hunting for the gunman who what you what you saided an 11-year-old boy overnight. hernandez was asleep in the bunk bed when hit by bullet sprayed into the about home just before 1 this morning. he's in the hospital. doctors say he is doing okay after several operations. no one else was hit. police say the house was targeted. they are not saying why. bay area resident get a once in a life time chance to see the space shuttle endeavor fly into history tomorrow morning scheduled to arrive over oakland around 9:30 weather permitting aboard a special equipped 747. flight plan includes may rip county, san francisco, and fly by tribute over nasa aims research center in mountain view. shuttle riding piggy back on
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especially modified jumbo jet. left huh stop this morning on its way to edwards air force base in southern california where it's pending -- spending the night. there are strong ties to the golden state. >> the shuttle was made in california. for that matter it's part of our state history and i think to have it fly by actually the city that we all love and appreciationeally show its appreciation is a moment in history. this is a big deal. >>reporter: now endeavor final destination is los angeles where it will be put on display at the california flying snivrment fog delayed the shuttle visit by an hour or so. meteorologist sandy is looking ahead to the conditions at fly over time. >> i am so excited i'll tell use i'm so excited. tonight the fog low clouds have not returned. there are changes in the weather which will make for ideal conditions tomorrow morning so that fly over mostly clear skies over the state capitol as it makes its way towards the golden gate bridge. clearing there near the golden
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gate bridge. only patchy low cloud expected clear view as the shuttle endeavor heads towards moffitt field. so it is looks like a picture perfect setting. don't forget to tweet us at this site and of course we have change weae weekend the weekend not only the seasons we are talking about the weather pattern. back with all the details. >> see you then. >> another highly anticipated arrival just under nine hours to go if the i-phone 5 will be available to customers. this doesn't mean apple fans are waiting until tomorrow. hundreds are already in line. some have been waiting all week. lisa joins us live from the apple store in palo alto with the if faithful. >>reporter: the doors open at 8:00 a.m. but a lot of people are already lined up here behind me. don't worry they are well taken care of even though it's a little chilly out fact few minutes ago one of the local business owners brought in free pizza
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for everyone. the tents are up and tv are out. apple fans are settling in for the night. just few hours the wait will be 5 in their hand. have the new lauren is first in line. he's been here since monday night. >> my way of thanking apple for being such a great company. >>reporter: it's a company that keeps putting out product people want. >> i phones design is very unique and it's just it's truly a work of art. >>reporter: despite early complaints about the phone new map apple promises i-phone 5 will not disappoint. it's laettner weight. thinner. faster. the screen is bigger and the speaker and camera are better than any other model. >> feels different than any other phone you have had in your happened. lighter. feels like a swiss watch. >>reporter: some go the distance for the new phone. even if it means lying. >> i got here tuesday night around 11:00 p.m. and my
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parents think i'm on a field trip at lake tahoe. >>reporter: few are here to make some extra cash. apple only allowing 2 i-phone buy perfect pevrnlt many plan to sell the spare on craigslist tomorrow. 1500 dollars the going rate. others mean time can make money right here. >> people are saying i'll give you an extra, 200 let me slide through behind you or just let me come through. >>reporter: i'm told apple has about 500 phones on sale for tomorrow. they will be getting in shipments daily. other options to get your new i-phone would mean going to the best buy or at&t or verizon retailer first thing in the morning and your final option is to order on line but it will take 3 to 4 week to get your fen to arrive. this is abc 7 news. >> okay thanks very much. >> school district solar dream turned into a neighbor nightmare. dan is here now
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with aneurysm team investigation. >> we have been on this case for months. up next. angry neighbor and the long battle all over solar panel. how he helped some folk get the view back. >> major announcement tonight about the war in afghanistan. that's coming up. then later on "nightline". >> coming up next. special edition of "nightline". solitary confinement. some say the way real monster made in american prisons and to better understand this controversial pickup issuement our reporter spent 48 hours on solitary row spent 48 hours on solitary row trying to say saint lo
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>> quick update on the breaking news at the top. bart 16 street station in the mission district is not operating. not stopping trains there because of a protest going on in the mission district after officer involved shooting tonight. >> yes. movingt's a it's a year behind schedule and million dollars over budget but sought nem county school solar program is finally up and running. >> i team has been tracking all of the problems along the way and dan is back with the very latest on this. >> through some public records we now have a fascinating look at how the district responded to our questions by getting training from a p.r. firm to shape the message you hear. >> feels great to get them going and do what we said we were going to do. >>reporter: deputy superintendent in charming of sonoma valley unified solar program md now good now but it has been a long painfulroa road. standstill for a second. >> no. >>reporter: much of the past year the district dodged questions about delays and cost overruns. why is it hard for
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to you answer question. >> i don't know why you are push something hard. >>reporter: when people are evasive, i push. you won't answer a basic question after thaten counter school board president asked for permission to grant us an interview. but the p.r. firm hired to handle us shot him down. requesting an interview with an investigative unit is lake douse ago smoldering fire with kerosene, ublicperiod. public records obtained by the i team show how the team struggle with a critical element to the abc questions we still can't answe answer. the contractor on the 10 million dollar project hasn't delivered on their promise and failed on all of the deadlines. why is it solar working? deputy superintendent glossed over the problems back in march but now he's finally ready to concede the issue. you basically threatened them to have their act together and
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they didn't. >> right. >>reporter: in fact one e-mail september to the construction company says this lack of due diligence as a result of damage to district property installation of structures in the wrong location and in some insubstance putting student safety at risk in all the dela delay. >> nature of having construction on school site while active is inherently more dangerous than tl we intended them to do nshlly. >>reporter: 7700 solar panel installed at several schools are to save the district 1 million dollars a year. can't argue with that but the neighbors don't like the way the project was handled. by law the district had to inform the neighbors about the plan. how to do it. by taking out ads in the local paper on christmas eve and new years eve when readership is low. >> starting from the very beginning there was absolutely no notification that this was going to happen. >>reporter: the neighbors were furious when the solar panel popped up. blocking their view
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across sonoma valley. thinks how it looked outside ann's house but check it out. after we took her complaint to the district. >> i don't think it would have happened if channel 7 hadn't gotten involved. >> my biggest concern this won't be able to hold the water during a rain >> neighbors here still worry about flooding because the district puts solar panels over a holding pond. >> cement displaced so much of the dirt in the holding pond that when it starts raining, still think we are going to have flooding. >> we brought in an engineered and surveyed the property and insured that i was not going to affect. >> there is not a lot of friends against the district and neighbor. construction company refused to comment and the ark text on the project paid for the p.r. firm. wouldn't tell us why they did it or how much they spent. but
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here's some free p.r. advice from the i team. always better to tell the truth up front. stair to make things right and to mean it then follow-up. >> thank you dan. wajor phase in the war in afghanistan over tonight 33,000 troop surge ordered by the president has left the country. military commanders the mission total beat back the taliban is in the country and. >> let's get a check on the forecast right now. cooler but clear out there. >> very nice indeed. meteorologist is here as we head toward the weekend. >> yes. as we head toward the weekend we are in for some changes in the form of warmer weather. show you time lapse from the east bay hills camera sundown at 7:9 and look towards mount tamalpiais you can see high clouds going through but it was really pretty much clea clear. high pressure ka anywhere from the low 60's to
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mid 80's. here's waxing crescent moon. 32 percent of full tonight. this was a time lapse is that cool or what as the moon was setting. i was lacking for the fog he couldn'tt find it. let's check findt can't find it there's a reason for all this. that marine layer has just collapsed so we basically have no marin layer in place. skies clear. air running dryer. so we head to the morning hours we see limited low cloud coverage. good news for the shuttle fly over tomorrow morning. temperatures right now in the 50's and decision across the entire bay area except half moon bay degrees to 40 degrees. cool night patchy clouds. sunny mild tomorrow. looking at warmer weather for the first indicate of fall. mid to upper 40's in the north bay valley most other areas will be in the
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50's. half moon bay down to 47 and we'll see some patches of low clouds around the renal first thing tomorrow morning. i want to show you basically what is coming as we lock at the computer animation year of low pressure that was original nationally to come right down in the bay area over the weekend and cool us even more taking a different path. down this behind. now the weekend is looking warmer than we had originally thought. good news for all the out door plans if you have those plans it's a fabulous looking fall weekend. hi for your friday in the south bay 72 milpitas. 77 los gatos. san jose mid 70's high clouds will drift up from the san francisco. coastal areas you are in the low 60's just few patches of low clouds. i have raised the temperatures up just a couple of degrees from earlier this evening so if you notice the changes there's a reason. that cloud cover in the fog is definitely not in the picture right now. starting out pretty clear in
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the morning that means the sun warms things up quickly. north bay 80. santa rosa novato 77 in valet 0it bay and hercules inland valley up to 86 in antioch mild day in concord. livermore mit 80's. 84 for gilroy. last days of summer. low 60's to mid 80's. autumn 7 49 saturday morning beginning on a mid 60's to upper inland on sundown a few degrees but still pleasant. then minor up and down monday through thursday. first full week of fall. of course mike will be here tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. letting you know about the weather dance. thank you. >> robin offers hart felt message to many viewers. >> remove inbegins at one with
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general hospital followed by who wants to be a jeopardy then katie talk show airs at 7 n
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bñoñ?xús1@ú? >> grammy winning singer spent the night in texas jail after being arrested on a drug charge. police release this mug shot 35-year-old was taken into custody for hash possession yesterday at border patrol checkpoint. police say apple was stopped when drug sniffing dog detected marijuana in the tour bus. apple is out on 10,000 dollar bail. good morning america co-anchor robin thanked all of you this morning before undergoing bone marrow
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transplant surgery day. i feel in the love many and i thank you for it. thank you. >>reporter: robin recorded that message from her new york hospital bed. she just completed 8 days of chemotherapy then had the transplant today to treat a rare blood disorder. man she's so tough. courageous. larry is off and kwan is here. >> lots of baseball. a's much needed win but suffer a loss. power surge by pablo sandoval has giants cruising to another has giants cruising to another divisional
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>> with the magic number town to just 3, the giants could clinch the division saturday at home against the padres. this afternoon they completed 4 game sweep of the lowell rockies. the other day 49ers quarterback smith ran a giants cap and today the bruce returned the favor. zito no long the weak link in the rotation. 13th win striking out 6 in 5 and two-thirds open. sandoval connect from both side of the plate. second homer 0th day with 3 run shot. last 2 games the panda has 3 homeers and 7 rbi's. crowd chanting mvp buster follows sandoval class with one of his own. the giants win 9-2. magic number down to just 3. >> the guys are playing well. playing with a lot of confidence and we are getting some big hits. pablo had a big day. buster really everybody
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i. >> dodgers continue to fate in the west last to national doubles in desmond whethere fros win capitol will be post season for the first time since 1933. if the a's make the play off they have to do it without starter brett will mis he will miss the rest of the regular season with strained oblique muscle. as if i naturally with center. jackson misplay and the would goes to the all for a triple. there was a 6-3 added more ought ought tonight clears the base was right field corner he 4 rbi 12 score of final oakland now tied with baltimore the riled died and why 4 games on the westootball night football york giants were playing as well as the san francisco
1:37 am
giants despite missing 3 stewarters on offense they had had no trouble with kavbing. never shot a football game from the side line. giants roll. hurt on the play but is andre brown made the mess of the tuchbility he rumbled for 113 yards pair of touch dow pair ofn and eli manning was on target. defending champ many to be a victory. >> according to greg norman tiger woods is intimidated by rory but she wasn't playing scared today at the championship in atlanta. neither was justin road who owns a share of what road. looks to be all blind but make a hard right turn and goes in for the birdie. right you tie with rose they are for under par. 7 sports by river rock
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casino. >> all right thank you. >> all right night come in nex next. thank for joining us
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